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Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapy with Advanced Results in Lawrenceburg, IN.

Adipose-derived stem cell therapy is a revolutionary regenerative therapy treatment that uses fat cells or adipose cells to repair damaged or degenerative cells in the body and encourages healing. This procedure uses state-of-the-art techniques to offer patients the miraculous benefits of medical advancements in the area of stem cell technology and research.

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Why Use Adipose Stem Cell Therapy?

Samples of fat tissue contain a high amount of mesenchymal stem cells, and that makes adipose an excellent source for stem cell therapy material. Doctors are able to harvest a large number of cells through a safe an easier extraction process when compared to the other sites of stem cell harvesting. The cells harvested play an integral role in the body’s natural regenerative process, and these adult stem cells are present every time a wound needs to be healed and assisting in the body’s regulation. “Adult” or mesenchymal stem cells have “raw potential” and can differentiate into tissue, cartilage, bone, ligament and tendon cells to repair damage and reverse the effects of aging and wear and tear.

Once your adipose-derived stem cell therapy treatment has been delivered to the targeted area, your body goes to work immediately by responding with an immune system response that triggers growth factors and cytokines to repair and replace the damaged areas. These stem cells are fast acting and stabilize inflammation responses to reduce chronic pain. Adipose-derived stem cell therapy has been proven effective in treating cartilage damage, tendinosis, joint damage, labrum tears, osteoarthritis, meniscus tears and many other conditions. Adipose-derived stem cell therapy is an autologous treatment which means you are both the donor and the recipient. Autologous stem cell therapy treatments eliminate any chance of infection, rejection or ethical conflicts.

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What Happens During Adipose Stem Cell Treatment?

Harvesting adipose tissue for adipose-derived stem cell therapy is one of the most preferred methods of stem cell harvesting by both patients and doctors. Patients choose adipose-derived cell therapy because the process is less painful and doctors find fat harvesting is an easier retrieval method with a high yield of mesenchymal stem cells. Depending on your pain tolerance level a local anesthetic may be used to extract a sample of fat tissue from your waist or abdomen. The tissue undergoes a laboratory process to isolate the mesenchymal stem cells and prepare them for the treatment. The cells are then combined with your platelet-rich plasma and administered through direct local injection or IV. Adipose-derived stem cell treatment is minimally invasive and carries no painful recovery period, so most patients are back to work within 24 hours. The process is virtually painless, safe, quick and highly effective.

Is Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Treatment Safe?

The regenerative cells used for adipose-derived stem cell therapy are harvested from fat tissue extracted from your own body that is concentrated and administered to the site of your condition. This type of treatment is called an autologous treatment and is free from any potential to be rejected, harmful or a host for disease transmission. Adipose-derived stem cell therapy uses your body’s own stem cells to perform their natural function while working with your immune system for optimal healing. Adipose-derived Stem Cell Therapy is non-surgical, safe, effective and minimally invasive. At Tri State Stem Cell our highly skilled experts can perform your adipose-derived stem cell therapy in-office with a same-day procedure that requires little to no downtime.

Will I Get Results?

Our patients regularly experience a drastic improvement within four to six weeks from the initial treatment. Adipose-derived stem cell therapy is non-surgical and minimally-invasive, so there is no painful recovery period, and most patients return to work within 24 hours of the treatment. Our customized, comprehensive total body treatment plan gradually returns you back to normal physical activity to facilitate optimal healing potential. As always, individual treatment results will vary, and our doctors will be better able to address your specific needs after your in-person consultation.

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