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Advanced Results for Joint Pain with Stem Cell Therapy in Florence, KY.

Cord tissue is a carrier for the most potent source of fresh regenerative stem cells. These stem cells have high-performance potential to get the healing results patients need to address their ailments.

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Why Cord Tissue Stem Cell Therapy?

Cord tissue stem cell therapy is the least invasive collection method of regenerative stem cell harvesting. The procedure posses no physical or ethical danger to mom or baby and is completed within a matter minutes without disrupting the birth process or harming the connection between mom and baby. Cord tissue cells have a longer life between harvesting and use, so these stem cells are beneficial for a longer period giving some flexibility with treatment and scheduling.

Cord tissue stem cells regenerative properties come from their “raw potential.” This means the cells have the power to differentiate into any cell in the body. These cells facilitate the repair, renewal, and regeneration of damaged and worn cells in tissue, ligaments, cartilage, bone, and tendons. Cord tissue stem cells work with your body’s natural immune function to control inflammation and regulate proteins and command growth factors and cytokines to damaged areas. Cord tissue stem cells boosts and focuses your body’s natural healing ability and offers comprehensive treatment alternatives for many conditions including those that are degenerative in nature. Patients are experiencing amazing results of inflammation and chronic pain reduction with cord tissue stem cell regenerative treatment for osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis and a host of other autoimmune and chronic disorders.

What Happens During Cord Tissue Stem Cell Therapy?

The cord tissue is donated by the mother after birth and doctors extract the regenerative cord tissue cells for the Cord Tissue Stem Cell Therapy treatment. Donations are always made under strict ethical standards, and cord tissue that is not donated is considered medical waste and disposed of after the child is born. The collection process is completely safe and poses no physical or ethical risk to neither mom or baby. Once collected the sample is put through a rigorous screening process to determine if it fits the high-quality standards for an effective treatment. Once the sample has passed each quality checkpoint the treatment is delivered to you via IV or direct localized injection to the site affected by your condition. The results of cord tissue stem cell therapy will vary, and a personal consultation with one of our highly skilled stem cell therapy experts is needed to design a customized plan of comprehensive cord tissue stem cell therapy that will suit your health needs and deliver positive results.

Is Cord Tissue Stem Cell Therapy Safe?

Part of the rigorous quality evaluation of cord tissue is a careful process that allows doctors to choose samples that have a low possibility of malignant transformation and rejection by your immune system. The cord tissue selected pose a minimal chance of triggering an adverse immune response and samples are scrutinized for any sign of potential infection or contamination. The samples used are resistant against initiating antibodies and T-cell activity and protects against the potential for adverse reactions.

Will I Get Results?

Our patients regularly experience a drastic improvement within four to six weeks from the initial treatment. Cord Tissue Stem Cell Therapy is non-surgical and non-invasive, so there is no painful recovery period, and most patients return to work within 24 hours of the treatment. Our customized, comprehensive total body treatment plan gradually returns you back to normal physical activity to facilitate optimal healing potential. As always, individual treatment results will vary, and our doctors will be better able to address your specific needs after your in-person consultation.

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