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Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain in Lawrenceburg, IN.

Our in-office, same-day procedures will alleviate your hip pain regardless of the cause.

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If you suffer from the Following Hip Conditions; learn more about how Advanced Stem Cell Therapy can help restore your health and help you live Pain-Free!


  • Hip Pain

  • Labrum Tear

  • Hip Osteoarthritis

  • Hip Degeneration

  • Hip Bursitis


Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Pain

Damage to the large hip joint is quite common, and hip pain can restrict routine movements like walking, standing, and sitting. There are many conditions that affect your hip joints that can cause chronic hip pain like, bursitis, tendonitis, and osteonecrosis.

At Tri State Stem Cell our doctors are specialized in hip pain treatment. Traditional treatments like surgery, steroids or prescription medication fail to address the underlying causes of hip pain and work to manage the symptoms usually with little to no relief. Our non-invasive, non-surgical approach to hip pain treatment is offering patients real results and real relief from chronic hip pain. Advanced Stem Cell Therapy focuses on repairing the hip condition causing your chronic pain naturally by working with your immune system to command growth factors and cytokines to the affected area. Advanced Stem Cell Therapy repairs tissue, cartilage, and bone to eliminate chronic pain and regenerate your joint.

Stem Cell Therapy for Labrum Tears

Highly active individuals are at high risk for labrum tears. Labrum tears affect the outermost part of the labrum that attaches directly to the tendon. Weightlifters, golfers, and baseball players are commonly diagnosed with this condition.

Labrum tears can also be the result of traumatic injuries like a fall or an automobile accident. Any type of direct, sudden trauma to the hip area can begin the degradation of the labrum as well as overuse, a dislocated hip, and repetitive motion.

At Tri State Stem Cell We offer effective alternative treatment for labrum tears that avoid all of the risks and side effects of traditional treatments. Advanced Stem Cell Therapy focuses on healing labrum tears naturally working with your immune system to command growth factors and cytokines to the affected region. Stem cells can differentiate which means they have “raw potential” to become the cells that make up ligaments, tendons, tissue, cartilage, and bone. Our specialists use Advanced Stem Cell Therapy to repair and regenerate your labrum while reducing inflammation and chronic pain rapidly.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Osteoarthritis

Over the years, our bodies begin to show the wear and tear of repetitive movements like walking, running, sitting and squatting in the degeneration of our joints. Osteoarthritis is a condition characterized by the degradation of the cartilage that cushions our joints and facilitates fluid movement between joints. As the cartilage begins to break down, the bones it protects start to rub together creating painful friction and stiff movements. Osteoarthritis can lead to painful bone spurs and chronic inflammation and can eventually severely limit mobility.

Treating the large joints in our body has always posed a difficult task for doctors because joints at the hip, knee, and shoulder are usually in constant use and are difficult to immobilize for healing. Traditional treatments for hip osteoarthritis include risky medications to mask pain and symptoms and highly invasive surgery. Thankfully, Tri State Stem Cell is offering a safe, effective alternative for hip osteoarthritis treatment that doesn’t involve the dangers of traditional treatment. Advanced Stem Cell Therapy works to heal the damage of osteoarthritis by regenerating cartilage, bone and soft tissues. Advanced Stem Therapy works with your immune system to release growth factors and cytokines to heal osteoarthritis instead of masking the symptoms like traditional treatment. Advanced Stem Cell Therapy is non-invasive, non-surgical and can be performed in an in-office procedure by highly skilled specialists with little to no recovery downtime.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Degeneration

Your hip joints sustain a high amount of wear and tear because they are the most used joint in the body. Usually, when you develop hip degeneration, the condition progressively worsens over time and is currently accepted as a natural part of the aging process. Hip degeneration occurs when the cartilage protecting and surrounding the bones in the hip socket begins to wear away. Hip degeneration symptoms are often ignored as aging pains, but the condition can eventually lead to damage to your bones in the form of bone spurs. Hip degeneration can cause chronic pain, chronic inflammation, and swelling. The hip joints become increasingly stiff and limited and if left untreated hip degeneration can leave you immobile.

Many traditional treatments for hip degeneration fall short and can leave patients with unending chronic pain. Advanced Stem Cell Therapy is offering effective, safe hip degeneration treatment that goes beyond the scope of traditional treatment to heal and reverse the effects of the condition. At Tri State Stem Cell, we use Advanced Regeneration Cell Therapy to naturally heal the underlying damage of hip degeneration while rapidly reducing chronic inflammation and chronic pain. This non-surgical, non-invasive procedure works with your immune system and commands growth factors and cytokines to your hip joint to repair and renew cartilage, bone, and soft tissue to return fluid mobility and reduce pain. Advanced Stem Cell Therapy is done in-office by highly skilled specialists and carries none of the side-effects, risks or painful recovery time of traditional treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hip Bursitis

The large joints in your body like your hip, knees, and shoulders are supported by bursae, small fluid-filled sacs that cushion your bones, muscles, and tissues for fluid movements. Over time the bursae in your joints may be subject to degeneration, and they can also be damaged by injury to the hip joint or regular repetitive movements like walking and bending. Bursitis is a condition characterized by inflamed bursae, and the symptoms of the condition include stiffness, weakness in the joint and severe chronic pain.

Chronic inflammation can be treated by Advanced Stem Cell Therapy which makes Advanced Stem Cell Therapy the best treatment for bursitis in the hips. Stem cells work with your body’s immune system to regulate inflammation and begin to heal the damaged bursae. By reducing inflammation, Advanced Stem Cell therapy starts to reduce chronic pain immediately while your body heals and rebuilds. Advanced Stem Cell Therapy is a non-invasive in-office procedure and a natural alternative to invasive traditional treatments.

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